Pre & Post Visit Lesson Plan Resources


Pre-Visit and Post-visit Survey:

The first step in preparing for the Georgia Ag Experience to arrive is completing the pre-visit survey that we have designed to assess student's prior knowledge and understanding of agriculture. It is comparable to the idea of a pre-test when in a classroom. 

It is a REQUIRED part of our Georgia Ag Experience and can assist our team in furthering curriculum and ensures the future of the mobile classroom. We ask that you begin this survey the day before you begin your pre-visit. 

Students are not expected to know the answers to these questions; this is the cognitive pre-test that helps us study the impact of the Georgia Ag Experience  program. 

Have students take the online pre-visit assessment by visiting:

Post Visit Survey:

After the Georgia Ag Experience has been to your school, we hope that it ignites interest about agriculture in your students!

In order to continue their agriculture education experience, we ask that you complete the following: 

  1. Post Visit Survey (Required) 
  2. Post Visit Lesson Plan (Required)

The post visit survey is a short survey, similarly to the pre-visit survey, it assists with Georgia Ag Experience data collection. The Post-Visit Ag. Knowledge/Attitude Assessment & Experience Survey can be assessed by following this link:

Also, to continue student's agriculture education experience, we ask that you complete the post visit lesson plan and checkout our website for the further resources! 

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